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Business consultant and entrepreneur from Barcelona. Specialized in the structuring and management of investment funds for alternative assets such as fine arts, real estate, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the new applications of quantum technologies.

Symbol of my avatar: For the Samurai in Japan the symbol of the dragonfly is related to the victory, even another name that is given is the one of Kachimushi or "insect victorious" due to its tenacity as a hunter and it is therefore common to see dragonflies adorning arrows, swords and armor of the best Japanese warriors. There are also many stories that include the presence of dragonflies, in 1274 and again in 1281, Kublai Khan sent part of his forces to conquer Japan, on both occasions the Samurai managed to repel the attack, helped by the strong cyclones that unleashed and destroyed their ships, the dragonflies abound long after the storms and that's how they relate them as symbols of success. Another very noteworthy feature is that dragonfly only want to move forward so they never go back and that is an important part of Samurai's philosophy and also of mine.

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